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Expanding Geographic Reach Through Technology

February 15th, 2012


Most businesses have established their target markets.My husband is a dentist and his target market is young and middle aged two income families, living in Monongalia County.Working for a design firm in West Virginia, it is sometimes difficult for me determine who the “target market” is.Rule # 1 during my Marketing 101 class was to know your audience, establish your target market early in order to get the most return on your marketing investment.

Our firm provides such a variety of services, that determining the “target market” is sometimes difficult.We recently went through a planning session during the development of the new marketing material and website.The session leaders asked us “who we are” and “why do clients choose you”.Those questions were more difficult to answer than we realized.This caused us to take a step back and truly ask “who is our target market”.

In reality, the answer to that is not “everyone”.However, the answer to that question is somewhat different than it was 10 years ago.When I began my career at Alpha, the idea of sending building plans via FTP or Dropbox technology sounded like science fiction.Look at the technology available to us today, the speed of business affords us the opportunity to work more efficiently, but it also allows us to expand our geographic reach.Recently, we have had success in two markets that we have never seen as our “target market”.We believe that technology and the ease of doing business across the miles aided in this success.

The idea that technology is shrinking the world is evident throughout the media today.This article interested me and I wanted to pass it along

While right now, Alpha isn’t expanding across the globe, let’s not count that out.If we can expand our reach throughout West Virginia, what’s holding us back?

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