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Corporate Culture and Celebrations

January 17th, 2012


Celebrations are an integral part of the culture at Alpha.We celebrate birthdays, we celebrate new projects, we celebrate awards being received and we celebrate when projects are complete.

Our staff took a moment recently to celebrate.The celebration was brief and was the result of a new contract being signed with a new client.Those types of celebrations are the best! Celebrations in the workplace are not as commonplace as they once were.In a down economy, many companies have eliminated corporate events.A recent article from the Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology stated that the number of expected holiday parties this year reached a 20-year low.Celebrations and positive employee morale are key in developing a positive corporate culture. defines corporate culture as general organizational operating environment including ethical and value structures. It is all-encompassing, affecting employees, management, and customer relations, extending to the types of products and services the organization creates, and including production methods, marketing practices, advertising, and service quality.

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Based on the services we provide, the corporate culture at Alpha is obviously client focused.However, the corporate culture also places emphasis on employee morale, employee attitude and employee satisfaction.Looking at Alpha’s website, you will see an area of the site titled “Life At Alpha”.It is obvious that employee relations and employee appreciation is a priority!

The philosophy that “if you take care of your employees, they will take care of your clients”holds true in any industry, however in the professional service field where client service is king, happy employees are a must.The contract we celebrated yesterday will be serviced by satisfied employees who truly believe in this company!

Having worked for Alpha for 11 years, I am happy that employee appreciation and celebrations have remained a consistent part of “Life At Alpha”.

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