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Tattoos On This Town

December 29th, 2011


Driving to work most mornings, I am on auto-pilot, thinking about what has to be done, where I need to go and what clients I need to see.This morning was no different, the radio was on, Starbucks was in sight and traffic was great.The song “Tattoos On This Town” by Jason Aldean came on the radio and as the song was playing, I am looking around and from my car, I can see 5 projects completed by Alpha.I thought, “wow, we really have left “tattoos” on Morgantown”.

Alpha was created in 1969, well before my tenure began.The company is rich in history, rich in people and rich in leaving its mark.Driving around Morgantown, it is evident that we have had an impact.Alpha’s projects from all periods in our history can be seen throughout our town.

This morning, the 5 projects I could see included the Health Science Center at WVU, Ruby Memorial Hospital, our work at the new WVU Alumni Center, parking lot improvements for WVU on Van Voorhis Road and I could see the roof of the Ronald McDonald House.Continuing my drive to work, I chose to drive through the Downtown Campus at WVU.Nearing the entrance to the Campus, it hits me, wow, the road I am driving on is an Alpha project and on my left, yet another one, The Augusta apartment complex.

Having worked for Alpha for more than 11 years, I feel connected to our projects, even those completed before my time.I think back to the day I interviewed for my first position at Alpha.From the office you could hear the construction crews working on the demolition of the South High Street bridge.The bridge was to be replaced with a new one, designed by Alpha.When I drive across the new bridge, I am reminded of what an impact, okay what a “tattoo”, that Alpha has had on me.

As we get ready to turn the calendar to 2012, I look forward to continuing to leave our mark, not only in Morgantown, but Statewide.I see big things happening in 2012!

Happy New Year!

Bobbie Hawkins

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